Railway Maintenance History

Maintaining a railroad is definitely not an easy thing to do. However before any newly mechanize equipment’s was introduced, rail companies had to hire people to maintain the rail roads.However unlike now, in the old days, every single maintenance had to be done by hand. Till the newly equipped machines were invented till now, many men had to work along the rail side.

Machine used in old days

There are many machines that was used in old days. There were certain machines that could do all the rail track works that made the whole process easy.

Newly improved machines.

With time a lot of newly invented machines started coming out that made the rail works much convenient.However there are other latest rail equipment maintenance to quickly and efficiently insert the things that a rail track needs.

Ballasting and Ties

Giving a stability to the railway tracks just as important in rail maintenance services. However a proper stability will performs 3 mainfunctions. It will basically be a proper stabilizer in keeping the rail way track in place when the trains pass on. It will Also distribute the train weight evenly throughout and it can take the unnecessary water away from the track as well.

The stability cleaner

When it comes for railway tracks, it gets rusted and dirty and unstable with time, since railway tracks are exposed to water when the weather changes and especially the rail tracks that are near beach. However a well maintained railways track will be free of rust and will be safe as well. For a good base adding crushed stones for a track works well.

Rail works were done by hand.

Before all the new machines were invented the whole railway track was done by hand by labours that were hired. The workers will have to use hand shovel to take out the crushed and rusted stoned out of the tracks.

Section Hands in old days.

Throughout the years in old days they used plenty of employees. Basically to keep an eye on certain areas of the railway tracks not fail in stability. =

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