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Irrespective of regions, countries and cities there are certain things which are common as hell almost everywhere. Just like cultures, festivals and songs there are so many other things which almost every region is sharing commonly these days. One among them is the food style and food stuff, particularly if we denote beverages such as: Tea and coffee. Okay so these two before mentioned are followed in almost every country irrespective of culture and religion. May be one can easily find some diehard fans in eastern side of the world; countries like Pakistan and India, Indonesia and so many more where tea is considered as a blessing and remedy of everything. But on the other side of the world, USA, Canada, Russia and other western countries where climate is so cold that even words may freeze sometimes. Coffee is considered as a life saver, they have 24×7 open cafes providing quality coffee along with some refreshment snacks. So much so that, for coffee there are separate mugs, cups, cutlery and even furniture is different for coffee. Definitely there are certain things in our society which have their own swag, a wine need a wine glass, a tea needs a cup and so is the case with the coffee. Go here   for more information about cafe kitchen equipment. 

Definitely cricket cannot be played in a hockey ground then why a cup of nice, steamy ‘n’ creamy coffee while sitting on an ordinary chair and table. Hence furniture for coffee these days is has its own significance. We all have seen that short heighted trendy dark color table in the cafés, with 3 to 4 again short heighted cute chairs and couches? That is known as coffee table and couches. Yes one can definitely have a nicest cup of coffee, even while standing but there are certain manners and decorum to have a cup of coffee (especially). It is rumored that the first coffee table was invented by J. Stuart back in 1920 when he was working with his wife; to setup some perfect cafe furniture around. Anyways there is no such significance has been discovered in this information. Anyways, there are so many materials are available these days, light weight, durable, trendy and in nice colors that one can easily select the desired table from them. Customized coffee tables are also available in the market, one just needs to tell the preference and the coffee table is ready the very next day.

The basic indications to differentiate between a normal table and a coffee table are the coffee table is always of the same height as the couch or a bit lower than couch. Average height of a coffee table should be around 16 to 18 inches and the must be matched with the height of the couch and to be exact the table must not be more than 1 to 2 inches shorter than the couch.

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